Michelle Clark is a BACP registered counsellor in Nantwich, Cheshire, UK


Hello, my name is Michelle Clark and I live in Nantwich with my family. I am a fully qualified counsellor who is a registered member of the BACP ( British association of counsellors and psychotherapists).

I now work privately; having previously worked for two large organisations as a counsellor.  I've worked for both a mental health and a bereavement charity.  During this time, I have acquired over 2,000 counselling hours and worked with a diverse range of people with many different presenting issues.  I work in a largely person-centred way and will use other approaches if the client wishes it.​ I have had training in other approaches too.

​I've listed some possible queries you may have:

Do I need Counselling?

Counselling is largely a safe place in which to be heard.  Intervention through the way the counsellor works will happen if you wish it; usually  challenging ways of thinking/behaviour.  In my practice you're in control.  You may wish counselling just to be a place to be heard in an impartial, confidential environment or you may wish for more help than this.  Most people I have met  present with emotional and/or relationship struggles. Together we would work on your self-awareness if you feel that would help you. Here are a few areas that are commonly brought to counselling.  Maybe one of these may relate to you?

Anxiety:  excessive worrying; frequent agitation; anger; frustration and irritability.  Holding back on things in life. Anxiety is very common. It is when it becomes all consuming and persistent that help is sought. Anxiety can be specific or generalised.
Depression:  prolonged low mood; loss of joy in life; little engagement in usual activities; low motivation to do things; poor self-care.
Loss/bereavement: deep sadness and prolonged preoccupation with loss.  You may feel the need for support when little is there. Loss comes in many forms such divorce or major changes in life. Loss brings a spectrum of emotions. Feelings of guilt can be a very real struggle. You may feel judged in your loss.
Trauma and abuse: ongoing issues that don't seem to go away; repeated thinking/reliving.  A sense of 'stuckness'. Poor self -worth.

What does counselling involve?

​I will always do a verbal and written contract with you in the first session that outlines the confidentiality agreement.  Sessions are one hour long.  The focus is on you and what you bring.  Counselling works best if you come for at least 6 sessions and usually on a weekly basis.

Where are you and how much do you charge?

I live in Nantwich and work from a purpose built office in a secluded and private back garden.  There is parking at the front of the house.  For location, please see 'Contact' page.

I charge £35 per hour and £25 per hour for students.

Michelle Clark is a BACP registered counsellor in Nantwich, Cheshire, UK